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BGP Community support for IPX/GRX services for AS6762/AS64518 Customers

Seabone makes use of some set of communities to help our customers to better tune their traffic without requiring a manual intervention from us.

Communities accepted from customers

All customers are allowed to send the following communities:

Customer-controllable selective announce

This community string implementation is used to permit our customers to control their announcements towards the largest peerings.

The format is 6762:40pXX where the fields are coded in the following way:

p if 0 do not announce this prefix to XX, if 1,2 or 3 prepend network 1, 2 or 3 times to XX

XX defines the network you don't want to send this route to, according to the following table:

01 AS28834Telekom Austria
02 AS35030Comfone
03 AS64515Cable&Wireless
04 AS15932Telenor
05 AS22870Syniverse
06 AS64513Teliasonera
07 AS19440Aicent
08 AS6774Belgacom
09 AS8657Marconi
10 AS20936T-System
11 AS3292Teledanmark
12 AS12956Telefonica
13 AS2300France Telecom
14 AS4637Reach
15 AS64527MTT
16 AS1257Swipnet
17 AS12713Ote Globe
18 AS8959Etisalat
19 AS38645NTT-Com
20 AS8657Portugal Telecom
21 AS43225KPN-Ibasis
22 AS209Qwest
23 AS4755TATA

Controlling announcements to IXPs

The same scheme above is now extended so as to permit the customers to do selective announcements to the public peering points to which Seabone is connected.

The format is 6762:400XX where the fields are coded in the following way:

XX defines the IXP you don't want to send this route to, according to the following table:

98 Equinix Singapore

The standard local preferences on Seabone are defined as 100 for customer Routes and 90 for peering routes.
A local preference of 50 is used for backup routes, such as when confining a route in a region.
This prevents the creation of blackholes in case a better route to destination is not learnt in other regions for any reason.
Customer can modify the local preference for their routes by sending a community 6762:1xxx. The following table shows the available values:

6762:1090 Set local preference to 90 (same as peering)
6762:1070 Set local preference to 70 (lower than peering)
6762:1050 Set local preference to 50 (backup route)

This scheme works only for peers that Seabone reaches over the public switch fabric. It is not implemented for private peers even if they are on the same router, nor for peers with a hybrid setup (private and public).

Communities sent to customers

All customers will receive at least one of these communities. These communities will help you to choose the routes that you receive from Seabone, if you have the need to route only to a particular area, or if you want to treat your link as a peering link.

6762:30 Route learnt in Europe
6762:31 Route learnt in North-America
6762:32 Route learnt in South-America
6762:33 Route learnt in Asia
6762:34 Route learnt in Africa
6762:60 Route learnt from a customer

The distinction on geographic area is based on where the route entered Seabone's network. This means that you should not be surprised of seeing, for example, a South American customer tagged as North American.

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